Join our Peer Mentorship Network through 100 STRONG

100 STRONG enables the BNAACC and other campus units to share knowledge with students on how to learn together and how to build a sense of community. 100 STRONG is designed to link experiences, encourage mutual respect, and strengthen academics and organizational leadership.

Black & Latinx Summit Planning Committee

The Black & Latinx Summit (BLS) is a student-led summit sponsored by BNAACC and La Casa Cultural Latina. In this committee you will design a two-day summit focused on solidarity and community. The summit is free and open to the public.

Other Committees

Complete the BNAACC Committee Interest Form to join the following committees.

  • Black History Month (BHM) Planning Committee
    This committee will help inform and plan the BHM programming that BNAACC hosts and will help to build a BHM calender that highlights events happening across campus and in the community.
  • Black Congratulatory Planning Committee (Must be a student graduating in 2022).
    This committee plans the Black Congratulatory Commencement celebration, selects class speakers, activities for Black Grad Week and decides on the class gifts.
  • BNAACC Advisory Committee
    This committee will work with BNAACC staff to carry out our mission and vision. They will also serve on one of the other committees listed on this page.
  • Black Alumni Network Advisory Committee
    This committee will meet quarterly with the Black Alumni Network to help foster their mission.
  • Shelley Ambassador Program
    This committee is ideal for undergraduate students. Students in this program facilitate prospective student panels and fairs by providing information on their experiences and campus resources to help high school students decide if Illinois is a good fit for them. Get more information.
  • The Circuit: Black Student Pre-Orientation Program
    This committee will help create the schedule of events for the program, assist in training orientation leaders, and help with the implementation of the program.
  • Where Black Media Lives (W.B.M.L.) Radio Station Committee
    This committee will work to redevelop the radio station through idea generation and outreach efforts that promote Black arts and culture through podcasts, DJing, talk shows, etc.

Please direct all questions to

  • All student degree levels, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members are welcome and encouraged to join
  • An application is required for committees.