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The 100 STRONG Program was initiated with the belief that students who engage in activities that support their personal and organizational growth in a culturally relevant way, are more likely to persist and graduate.

Thus, in the summer of 2006 the “Freshman Focus: Retention and Recruitment” program was established. The 100 STRONG program enables the Bruce D. Nesbitt African American Cultural Center and other campus units to share knowledge with students on how to learn together and how to build a sense of community.  This program initiative is designed to link experiences, encourage mutual respect, and strengthen academics and organizational leadership. 

The program design was created with these outcomes in mind:

  • To aid freshman in achieving high academic goals by connecting them to campus resources and offices.
  • To expose freshmen to future leadership opportunities on campus boards, organizations, and committees.
  • To establish peer-to-peer programmatic outlets that address students’ academic, cultural, and social support systems on campus.
  • To connect students with career development activities.
  • To give students experiential knowledge of their civil rights past and how it relates to personal and group development.

The 100 STRONG Program is assessed via quantitative and qualitative methods to ensure BNAACC staff members are continually finding ways to improve the initiative. Additionally, 100 STRONG has a student executive board which aids professional staff in student outreach and programmatic efforts.

Email: 100stronguofi@gmail.com

Co-Chairs & Advisors

  • Chair: Amya Bryant
  • Professional Staff Advisor: Shawn Hampton

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